• Facilitated by: Roksana
  • Duration: Full Day

Course Info:

Delve deeper into your personality and behaviour.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II instrument looks beyond the type framework of Step I and uncovers the many different facets of personality that make each individual unique.

This depth of insight helps highlight how you are different to people of the same type, and where you have similarities with opposite types, making it perfect for coaching and team development.

Individuals and organisations use MBTI Step II assessment for personal development as well as for:

– Team building and team development.

– Leadership development.

– Improving communication.

– Conflict management.

– Decision making.

- Change management.

- Coaching.

MBTI Step II - Main features and benefits:

– Builds on MBTI Step I and provides powerful, in-depth insights about the unique way people personally express their preferences.

– Shows how strongly your personality is consistent with your type.

– Provides detailed development actions for the way you communicate, make decisions, and deal with change and conflict.

- Feedback session can be provided individually or in a group setting.

- Helps resolve Step I ‘best-fit’ dilemmas by identifying your personal type inconsistencies.

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